Social Sciences & Education

What Motivates Latiné Engineers?

Many factors influence the commitment Latiné students have to pursuing engineering education.

Reading Level (USA): 11.0

Estimated Reading Level: 2min 40sec

Who Can You Trust?

Institutions play a role in making societies more trusting. 

Reading Level (USA): 11.6

Estimated Reading Level: 7min 40sec

Nurturing Culture

Professional development programs can help teachers grow in culturally-responsive teaching practices.

Reading Level (USA): 12.1

Estimated Reading Level: 4min 51sec

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The Digitalization of Religion

Smartphones have given many people the ability to attend to their religious and spiritual needs. How has this impacted their well-being?

Reading Level (USA): 11.6

Estimated Reading Level: 4min 26sec

Christ, Country, & Conspiracies

People with certain belief systems are more likely to believe in false conspiracy theories.

Reading Level (USA): 10.7

Estimated Reading Level: 6min 26sec


Science, Scripture, & Sexuality

There are many scientific factors that may play a role in human sexuality. Church leaders and scientists should work together.

Reading Level (USA): 11.8

Estimated Reading Level: 11min 21sec

Lights Out

Certain areas within the U.S.A. are more vulnerable when it comes to power outages.

Reading Level (USA): 11.9

Estimated Reading Level: 5min 53sec

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Machine Learning Ethics

Machine learning systems should be used in ways that treat people fairly, but how do we all agree on what "fair" means?

Reading Level (USA): 11.2

Estimated Reading Level: 7min 31sec

Taking It Outside (the Court)

What people think about the legal system can impact whether or not they trust it.

Reading Level (USA): 9.9

Estimated Reading Level: 6min 12sec

The Hidden Costs

Pay volatility, or the frequent changes in financial earnings over time, can impact a worker's overall health.

Reading Level (USA): 10.4

Estimated Reading Level: 5min 49sec

Learning Words: A Gradual Process

The process of learning the meanings of new words is similar for adults and children.

Reading Level (USA): 9.3

Estimated Reading Level: 57min 38sec

Prayer Habits in the USA

Americans are unique in how and why they pray, what they pray for, to whom they pray, and their emotional states during prayer.

Reading Level (USA): 10.4

Estimated Reading Level: 4min 34sec

Are Leaders Ethical?

The way leaders communicate about diversity can impact whether or not employees view them as ethical.

Reading Level (USA): 12.3

Estimated Reading Level: 3min 44sec