Medical & Health Sciences

A Whey Forward

Certain proteins found through the process of making cheese can lead to anti-obesity effects when consumed.

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Eating for You and Your Gut

The quality of your diet impacts the diversity of the healthy microorganisms in your gut.

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Lights Out

Certain areas within the U.S.A. are more vulnerable when it comes to power outages.

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Stigma & Job Effectiveness

Stigma towards employees with HIV can negatively impact their job effectiveness. 

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Unlocking the Power of Conversation

The level of communication between patients and their doctors can have a large impact on patient health.

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The Hidden Costs

Pay volatility, or the frequent changes in financial earnings over time, can impact a worker's overall health.

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Workplace Trauma Comes Home

People may bring home stress or trauma from their jobs. This can impact their loved ones at home.

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Science, Scripture, & Sexuality

There are many scientific factors that may play a role in human sexuality. Church leaders and scientists should work together.

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Keto Diet & Weight Loss

People looking to lose weight on ketogenic diets can experience weight and fat loss in certain cases.

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Cells to the Rescue!

Special cells, called Schwann cells, were used to reduce inflammation in spinal cord injury.

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