Computer Science & Engineering

Machine Learning Ethics

Machine learning systems should be used in ways that treat people fairly, but how do we all agree on what "fair" means?

Reading Level (USA): 11.2

Estimated Reading Level: 7min 31sec

What Motivates Latiné Engineers?

Many factors influence the commitment Latiné students have to pursuing engineering education.

Reading Level (USA): 11.0

Estimated Reading Level: 2min 40sec

Smartphones & Repairability

The easier smartphones are to repair, the longer they last, and the better that is for the environment.

Reading Level (USA): 10.8

Estimated Reading Level: 4min 33sec

Guard the Ground

Erosion, due to man-made processes, is a source of pollution that builders should work to prevent.

Reading Level (USA): 9.7

Estimated Reading Level: 8min 26sec

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