Biology & Chemistry

Hanging Out

Three-toed sloths use their hindlimbs in ways that make their movement unique compared to other animals.

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Why Be A Carnivorous Plant?

Some plants have evolved to be carnivorous, and these plants are often found in areas that experience frequent fires. Why?

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A Tide-Tracking Clock

Certain organisms track the 12.4-hour cycle of tides in ways similar to those used for tracking the 24-hour day/night cycle. 

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How Will I Get Home?

Bees use an impressive strategy to understand their environment and navigate to and from their home.

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A Sunflower's Scent

Special compounds, called volatile compounds, help plants adapt to their environment.

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Sea Lion Survival

California sea lions experienced a decrease in the size of their population, but have since recovered. How did they do this?

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Eating for You and Your Gut

The quality of your diet impacts the diversity of the healthy microorganisms in your gut.

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Keto Diet & Weight Loss

People looking to lose weight on ketogenic diets can experience weight and fat loss in certain cases.

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Scientists create a molecular map of the complex network of blood vessels within the human brain.

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Understanding Sex Differences

Biological males and females have differences in the genes and cells within their brains.

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A Pirate's Point of View

Mice, with the ability to use one eye for depth perception, are more like pirates than you may think.

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Cells to the Rescue!

Special cells, called Schwann cells, were used to reduce inflammation in spinal cord injury.

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